how to play it off when you trip
3 dozen for my team (at Marriott City Center)
Earth Day
Brick weather, I’m not the only one in these skreets (at RTD - 16th & California Light Rail Station)
Make ya bish dance or something. #bandZzz
Complete set (at The Incision)
Clock said blunt thirty (at Cheba Hut Toasted Subs)
  • Pinky: what are we gonna do tomorrow night?
  • Brain: the same thing we do every night pinky
  • Brain: get stupid turnt off that loud pak

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JEFE LYFE (at Diamond Hill)
Lets go this money ‘Mericaaa (at The Incision)
I call this one “cool_dad_getting_off_work.jpg”
at Denver Zoo
at University of Colorado at Boulder
C notes after C notes